At Your DMV Team Realty, we are focused on putting our clients in the BEST position to WIN! That comes with having the most efficient systems and best trained agents! The focus of our business can be broken down to these items below



  • Knowledge is power and when it comes to Real Estate, Knowledge can help our clients WIN and win big. We focus on providing our buyer or seller clients with ALL the information they need

from the start so they can make wise decisions throughout the process. We hold First-Time Home Buyers Seminars and Webinars throughout the year, We have an in-depth Seller Consultation available to anyone thinking about selling, our Social Media is filled with How-tos on everything Real Estate and so much more!



If there is one word to describe the DC, MD and VA Real Estate market, it is SPEED. The market is so competitive so if you don’t move quick enough then you miss out. Our Agents live and breathe real estate and understand they have to be ready at a moment’s notice so we are committed to moving and acting at lighting speed to help you win!

SAVING MONEY- Buyer edition


We have been fortunate enough to help a ton of First-Time Home Buyers and that means we have to be very focused on finding ways to help our clients SAVE money! We do that by our aggressive and creative negotiations and also our knowledge of all the First-Time Home Buyer Programs in the areas. We are fully versed on the VHDA program in Virginia, The DC Open Doors and HPAP programs in Washington, DC, the MMP and Smart Buy programs in MD, and of course the NACA programs that can be used throughout the DC, MD, and VA areas.


SAVING MONEY- Seller Edition

When you sell your home the goal is to NET as much money as possible and we fully understand that. Our previously mentioned aggressive and creative negotiation definitely helps here as well but  we take it another level. Our “no-stone unturned” marketing strategies combines the old school and new school approach to make sure as many buyers see your property as possible. It starts with an in-depth consultation that goes over any updates/renovations that will give you a great ROI, our top notch staging partners, our talented Photographer and Videographer that will make your property truly shine, our Listing coordinators making sure nothing falls under the cracks, our Pre-market action items, and so much more!